Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Normal really Normal?

I lived almost 30 years of life and I can’t really believe it.  I have done a lot of things in my life.  I was in the Navy for almost 4 years.  I have traveled the world and seen places that most have only dreamed of. I have held almost every title in the restaurant business.  I have met many wonderful people in my life that have made me what I am today.  Before my illness happened, I was working three jobs. I was very active in sports (playing basketball any chance I got).  However, when I turned 26 my life changed.

(If you want to look at my past blogs, it tells the detailed story about what happened.)

In Dec of 2008 my life as I knew it changed.

I lost the use of my feet…I had my right foot amputated at the ankle and I lost three toes on my left foot due to my illness.  I was in a wheelchair for almost a year. As of now, I am up walking, driving and I have a lot of my mobility back (which is a great thing).  Being that active and then having it all taken away was something that was very hard to live with.

I mentioned in my last post that Preach and my Brother are very important to me.  Without their help, I couldn’t have made it through this hard time.

Just think to yourself.  What would you do if you couldn’t use your feet?  It’s really, really, really depressing not being able to do the simple things that I used to do.  I live about a half a block from a gas station in town and with the weather starting to get better now, it would be awesome to walk to get a soda. It’s those little things that people have a hard time understanding.

I also live about an hour from St. Louis Mo and the Cardinals (baseball team) did rather well last season winning the World Series.  One of my buddies called me during the games…

Buddy: Hey, got an extra Cards ticket, do you want to go?

Me: Man, I would love too, but I would have to take my wheelchair. Is there room?

Buddy: No, man. I just have an extra seat. I don’t have room for your chair, man. Sorry.

Now I know he wasn’t being insensitive by any means. On the other hand, it is something that I have to consider in everything that I do from now on.  It really makes anything that I want to do a hassle.  The last three years have been very difficult to plan any trips or to go anywhere without knowing the conditions before I go.

Another thing I love to do is during Halloween.  Haunted Houses have been a really fun thing to do since I was a kid.  I have helped in a many of them around my community for several years.  This last year, Preach wanted to go to Talon Falls in Paducah KY. This haunted house is rated as one of the best in the country, but it’s not wheelchair accessible!!! So I couldn’t go on that trip either. 

I don’t want is this to become a pity party for me.  I have come to the realization that my life has changed. My point is to get information out to the readers that aren’t handicapped. To have a small glimpse of what I go through on a daily basis.

Also, my illness (Lumeirre’s Syndrome)  was featured on ”Oprah” and on the hit tv show ”House” because it’s so rare.  Here is a picture of what the title means to me.

 I agree, House, that NORMAL IS OVERRATED!!!!!

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  1. Are you asking if we think you are normal? Were you really normal before all this happened?

  2. Lol I can answer that.... good stuff bro

  3. Adam, you are an amazing man. I felt that way before you got sick, and am beyond happy that your losses from Lumierre's weren't worse. We were all so worried that it was going in that direction. To see you now standing feels like a miracle. I know you lost a lot as a result...and you have even lost more after that. But you are strong with a big heart, and you will persevere. I admire your strength and the man you have become. Keep it up. And we will make sure every Halloween from now on is fantastic! Love you tons!

    1. Thanks Angela I can't tell you how that makes me feel....I can't wait for Halloween 2012!!!! Stay tuned for more blogs coming your way!!!

  4. I walk everywhere I can. You're right. Imagining not being able to do even such a simple thing would depress me. I'm so glad you've risen above it.

    I think walking into town is something I'll miss after I move just because I won't live in walking distance of useful things like the post office, coffee shop, or library, but I'll still be able to walk through the woods.

    ...or down into the gully to bury bodies and body parts...

    1. Everyone needs a good spot to hide "things."

  5. Wow Adam, this must be beyond hard - but you seem to have the personality to deal with it. Very impressive. Can you not get some sort of prosthetic to make it easier for you to move around?

  6. Bozo- Thanks so much for your concern. I have my ankle still on my right foot so it is near impossible to get a prosthetic unless I am willing to have my leg totally taken at the knee. Then they would be able to give me a whole leg/foot prosthetic. But, I would have to be down for about 6 months being in the hospital and I wouldn't be able to do want I can do now. I am working and driving and my mobility is about 80% and I have been threw that surgery once and I really really really don't want to go threw that again anytime soon.

    P.S. What did you think of the pictures on Brett's blog....just wondering...

    1. Hi Adam, Thanks for the reply. I can see how you would want to skip out on the six month recovery from further surgery. Clearly makes sense!

      I loved the pictures on Brett's blog. They made me laugh the first time around - and they're making me laugh right now since I just looked at them again. In fact, my laptop is shaking on my belly even as we speak.

      The one where you're getting the injection is adorable because of how you're avoiding looking at the needle - and then the laughing one is just awesome! My guess would be that laughing is something you do often - with or without morphine!

    2. Well thanks again Bozo for caring and putting in your reply...I was gone for a day visiting some friends in STL but, I wanted to get to your comment...

      Yes, I have found out there is two ways to look at every situation in life. You can laugh about it and take life as it comes or, you can let it get you down, and you can dwell on it...With Brett's help I have always tried to choose the laughter road.

      Its hasn't been easy and there are good days and bad days but, overall I'm a happy person in general...

      P.S. Not saying that it would happen but, I think that the possible "best man" and maid or honor should talk since we have a possible wedding to plan!!!! LOL

    3. Lol have you been named best man? I thought you would be the obvious choice but hadn't heard anything to confirm it! Right after this I'll have to zip over to Brett's blog and try to find out more ;) As the situation progresses we will definitely have things to sort out ;-)

      Brett must be a really great guy to have as a friend (and I think you list him as your mentor as well). From the little I know so far, I can't help but feel that you couldn't have a better one! His kindness really shines through his words and actions.

      And you know, I can see from your pictures that you have a naturally happy disposition. Life has it's tough spots for each and everyone I guess. I used to think that it was possible to make it through pain free... but now my outlook is a little more realistic. However, I like to laugh too - it's a much more enjoyable way to live ;-)

      Thanks for replying - it's fun to have this conversation. Take care and have a great day!

  7. Hey there Train. I just woke up (being on the other side of the world from you) and things look different this morning.

    I realize that our exchange above could be a little overbearing for Red and Brett. I adore them and they've so sweetly let me dance around them on their blogs - but I just don't want to take things a step further than where they actually are. It wouldn't be fair to them. I'm going to be a little more careful in the future as to the way I comment - and just wanted to tell you since I know you share my same enthusiasm.

    1. Thank you. It has been kind of difficult to balance the public and often tongue in cheek side with the reality of what is actually happening.

      We are trying to separate the two. It gets a little muddy sometimes.

      Thanks for the understanding.

    2. Bozo- Thanks so much for the comment and I have to control what I say sometimes too...I will try really hard I'm new to this...

      Brett and Red- I was totally kidding with that comment to Bozo, I was out of line I do apologize for that. I meant no harm.

    3. No worries. All is good.

      However, we are going to stay out of the public eye for a little bit. Making it so public changes all the rules. We don't know how to do it, so we are pulling back.

    4. I just love happy endings ;-)


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