Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Here!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

Glad to be back writing finally...I have had an okay winter, but I'm so glad that spring is here!!!

In my last post I listed that my website was under construction, well its finally finished.  Go and check it out here (

Shout out to for all their help with my website....Check them out!!!

Also, I have been really busy with WEDDING SEASON. Its my favorite time of the year!!!! I have so many already but, there is room for more.

Wedding Crashers....My top ten for sure!!!!
I can't thank all of my followers for reading and encouragement all the way!!!
There will be more to come in the future!!!
I will be posting pictures and videos to my site during this busy time...
DJ Song of the post...
One number song in the nation...
"When I was your man"
Bruno Mars

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year, New Website

Hey everyone,

Sorry I havent wrote in a long time!!!! I have some great news with my Music Business.....

WWW.IAMDJTRAIN.COM is under contrustion as we speak....

I'm working with a great company out of LA to get the ball rolling and hopefully get more southren IL and in STL. Check them out at

As always life is good and I can't complain but, I will be writing more hopefully since there is a link to my blog from my website. 

So please check it out and leave me comments or suggestion on how to make it better...

Also I watched the Super Bowl last night so this song is because I'm in love with Alicia Keys....

Song of the post:    "Girl on Fire"