Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year, New Website

Hey everyone,

Sorry I havent wrote in a long time!!!! I have some great news with my Music Business.....

WWW.IAMDJTRAIN.COM is under contrustion as we speak....

I'm working with a great company out of LA to get the ball rolling and hopefully get more southren IL and in STL. Check them out at

As always life is good and I can't complain but, I will be writing more hopefully since there is a link to my blog from my website. 

So please check it out and leave me comments or suggestion on how to make it better...

Also I watched the Super Bowl last night so this song is because I'm in love with Alicia Keys....

Song of the post:    "Girl on Fire"


  1. You're alive! I hope you can post more! It's been forever since you've written anything. I was getting worried something happened.

    Also, I actually know that song, even though its not the type of music I generally listen to. haha

    1. Thanks for caring Rachel!!!! At least I have one fan out there LOL! I have been doing great!!! I can't get that song out of my head, and I have a mancrush lol on her as well..

  2. Hey Hay. Write it up. Let's hear about those crazy adventures.

    1. Preach I need to tell some of our stories!!!! Maybe....


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