Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is Here!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!

Glad to be back writing finally...I have had an okay winter, but I'm so glad that spring is here!!!

In my last post I listed that my website was under construction, well its finally finished.  Go and check it out here (

Shout out to for all their help with my website....Check them out!!!

Also, I have been really busy with WEDDING SEASON. Its my favorite time of the year!!!! I have so many already but, there is room for more.

Wedding Crashers....My top ten for sure!!!!
I can't thank all of my followers for reading and encouragement all the way!!!
There will be more to come in the future!!!
I will be posting pictures and videos to my site during this busy time...
DJ Song of the post...
One number song in the nation...
"When I was your man"
Bruno Mars

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year, New Website

Hey everyone,

Sorry I havent wrote in a long time!!!! I have some great news with my Music Business.....

WWW.IAMDJTRAIN.COM is under contrustion as we speak....

I'm working with a great company out of LA to get the ball rolling and hopefully get more southren IL and in STL. Check them out at

As always life is good and I can't complain but, I will be writing more hopefully since there is a link to my blog from my website. 

So please check it out and leave me comments or suggestion on how to make it better...

Also I watched the Super Bowl last night so this song is because I'm in love with Alicia Keys....

Song of the post:    "Girl on Fire"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's about time

Well to start off I haven't been writing at all!!!! I never know what to write about, and I have been busy for the last couple of months!!!

But I did want to keep all of you informed that you have read Brett's blog about my medical condtions and I have talked about it some on here a few times, but this next Tuesday I will have my deposition for my medical malpratice case.

(I wish that I could go into details about it, but I will when it is all said and done.)

So I just wanted to say if you wanted to say a prayer, hail mary, or whatever it is you do on Tuesday morning for me it would be much appreciated. 

Nothing else much is going on with the DJ business trying to stay busy and I really want to say that "wedding season" is coming to a close!!!! Thank goodness....(I even went to Kentucky for a wedding last weekend!!! Totally Rocked the House!!!!

Just so I stay with the beat here is the DJ song of the post!!!! Can't get this song out of my head!!!

Some nights-FUN

Friday, July 20, 2012

Living Life to the fullist!!!

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to say that I think that I blog the most when I can't sleep.  I have posted a lot at odd times and this is no different.

There is nothing speical why I am blogging tonight, nothing really excited has happened, and I think that I was the only person tonight, that didn't go and see the new batman movie tonight at midnight, like a lot of my friends did tonight.

One another note, I checked my stats tonight on my blog and I have 12 followers now (thanks to all) and I have had 1,600 views since I have started this back last year which is really neat!!!!

There are somethings in my life that are going really well, but others are still not quite there.

My business is booming!!! It's Wedding Season here and its been going great!!! Plus my weekly shows are going really well too.

I heard a really funny joke the other day and I thought that I would share it will all of you...

In reference to my dating life,

"The reason that I'm 30 single (never married and no kids) is because I didn't forward all those chain letters when I was 12!!!"

I read that off a twitter post and I have been laughing at that ever since.  Its really funny and maybe true, but time will only tell...

She still hasn't returned it!!
So its 332am on Friday morning and I have cleaned up the house and did some laundry and I just waiting to go to my Prayer breakfast at 6am so I still have a long way to long to get there.  I also had a rough time yesterday with the heat.  I have an older pickup truck and the heat wave has been hotter than  anything I could compare it too, well maybe Megan Fox eating breakfast, in my favorite white t shirt..(lol...),  I also do not have air condition  in my truck and I had to run a bunch errands! So the heat really got to me today, I also had a blood drive that I volunteered at my church as well.  So when I got home I was hot, hungry, and tired.  So I did what any other bachelor would do I order pizza.  Not a smart thing to do when you want to eat and go to bed.  So here I am awake, awake, and more awake!!!

Well, thanks again to my followers, and with two big shows coming today and tomorrow I am looking forward to Sunday where I can get some rest!!!


Flo Rida - Turn Around 5,4,3,2,1

Enjoy your weekend!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Teddy bears, strippers, and preachers

Well first off it is good to be blogging again!!!! I have taken some time off and wanted to say to all of my 8 followers (lol) that here it is.  I have been thinking to myself what I wanted to blog about and it hit me just two days ago...

I wanted to try my first movie review.  I have never done anything like this before and I want it to be good so here it goes.

The movie that I went and saw was "TED."  I had to drag Preach (aka Brett from Transformed Nonconformist).

Seth Macfarlane
"Ted" is a new movie that came out not to long ago, but the main reason we wanted to see it was because of the creator Seth Macfarlane.  Seth is the creator of many TV shows like Family Guy and American Dad to name a few.  He has a reputation of being crazy, dirty, and sometimes just down right wrong, with all of his fart jokes, and using the f bomb way too much.

For his big-screen directorial debut, Seth MacFarlane has made a traditional buddy comedy, in much the same way his animated TV show, “Family Guy, which is to say, he works within a framework, while simultaneously tearing it to shreds.

He couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Mark Wahlberg, an excellent, and eternally underappreciated, straight man. In the past, Wahlberg has generously ceded the spotlight to Christian Bale (“The Fighter”), Will Ferrell (“The Other Guys”).  Here, he plays second string to a toy.

The story, which MacFarlane wrote with “Family Guy’s” Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, introduces us to a lonely child named John, who wishes for his stuffed bear to come to life. Magically enough, it actually happens.

In another movie, John might have learned some valuable lessons from this miracle.

In this movie, John (Wahlberg) grows up to become an aimless Boston slacker whose extended adolescence is enabled by his equally juvenile stuffed animal. (The expertly computer-animated Ted is voiced by MacFarlane.)

Even John realizes there are issues in living with a talking teddy bear — chief among them, the waning patience of his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis). She wants to settle down. Ted, who has the focus of an overindulged frat boy, just wants to party. And John is stuck in the middle.

Working girls!!!!
“Family Guy” fans will find that MacFarlane’s brand of skewed humor translates easily to the big screen, built as it is on razor-sharp pop-culture references, unabashedly bad taste and surprising flashes of sweetness.
Nice suit

Not every joke scores, of course. But the hits are worth the misses, and anyway, the movie’s true genius is in the way its outlandish scenario is played so perfectly straight.

Really, it doesn’t matter. True chemistry is hard to find. And by some stroke of movie magic — or sheer skill — Wahlberg and the bear make a pretty great team.

Even the President and the First Lady Party with Ted.

I have never laughed so hard in my entire life!!!! There are so many pop culture references that will keep you laughing til the end.  I hope that I have ruined the movie and you will go and see it for yourself.

Also I was at the tail end of being an 80's kid but, there are some really funny cameos that appear in the movie as well.

PS I have my own teddy bear when I was a kid....Yes it main stream.  Look in the upper right hand corner....Yep Teddy Ruxpin!!!
Epic Win!!! Also another pic of me in the hospital!!! It never ends!!!

DJ Song of the Post: "Takin Pills" Pistol Annies 


Monday, June 11, 2012

My first (Red) Award

First off I want to say that I am sorry that I haven't posted in almost a month!!!! I have had the pleasure of meeting "Red" and I told her about my award and that I really didn't know how they worked so I asked her to do a guest post!!!! Here it is.....

Hi Readers of Train's! – Red, here, of Doesn't Speak Klingon. Train has been granted the Kreativ Blogger award, and chose this occasion to have me write a guest post! I have to say, I've had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you all do, too. Of course, he has the option to edit whatever he likes, or just to clarify my errors and exaggerations in the comment section. Shall we begin?

 First, as with most awards, there are rules.

1.    Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2.    Answer seven questions. 
3.    Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4.    Hand the award on to 7 deserving others. (I don't have that many followers so I told "Red" to pick some of the bloggers that she think deserve it the most.  All of my followers already have this award.)

Train's award came from Rachel of When a Lion Sleeps, LetHim Sleep. Rachel is a really gifted blogger.  I think that I was her second or third follower.  She always has a great way of expressing herself.  You may be wondering how I can possibly answer the seven personal questions included in this award. The answer is simple: Read on.

1.      What is your favorite song? I have some many it hard to choose but, the DJ song of the post will be at the bottom....It really depends on my mood.

2.      What is your favorite dessert? I will go out of my way to find a funnel cake. (Long story but, you can read about it here.

3.      What do you do when you are upset? I feel a need to explain what exactly is upsetting me to whoever is there to listen. It's my way of venting. More people should listen.

4.      Which is your favorite pet? When I was a kid, we had a dog named Martin. He died. I don't want to talk about it.
5.      Do you prefer white or wheat bread? White, of course!

6.      What is your greatest fear? Hospitals! I hate them. I've had continuous, repeated, negative experiences at hospitals, so I think this fear is justified.

7.      What is your attitude mostly? I think I can accurately describe my attitude as "can do". It's had to be that way ever since I lost my feet. I know I can do things, sometimes it's just a bit more difficult for me now. those are the questions and answers.

Now for 10 random (possibly apocryphal) factoids about myself:

1.    It's time to come clean: I didn't really lose my feet to Lemierre's. I used to be a runner, winning 5K's, triathlons and marathons all over the place. Then one night as I was crossing the parking lot leaving my formerly favorite bar, I was abducted by aliens. It was very traumatic, and it's hard for me to talk about it even now. The short version is that they amputated my feet to try to learn my secret. I guess the aliens thought my speed and endurance as a runner came from my feet. But as every runner knows... The power to win comes from within!

2.      I spent a summer working as a fruit vendor in an open market in Morocco.

3.      My secret passion is pigeons. I have 15 homing pigeons who occupy my every waking moment (when I'm not DJ-ing, of course). That's why I don't post very often: my pigeons need me.

4.      I am a giant in the world of Physics. The physics of sound is my particular specialty. That's actually why I'm such an outstanding DJ. I know what I'm doing on the wavelength level.

5.      I find Amish girls in little floral dresses to be unbelievably sexy.

6.      I am a Taurus.

7.      This song give me nightmares: "Like a Surgeon"

8.      The Hulk is the best Avenger.

9.      My shoe size used to be 14 ½. Now it's a kids size 6. (stupid aliens.)

10.  In a previous life, Red and I ran with the same crowd. That's why I let her do this guest post: She knows me so well!

And 2 blogs I think you should know more about:

Icy Highs especially check out his music reccommendations. ("music recco" in his tag cloud)

Cranky & Difficult at "The View From OverHere" this blog is all movie reviews.

Wow!!! Just wow....I am blown away at how "Red" did this post without my help and I only changed a couple of things.... number 6 and 9 was the only thing that I changed!!! Thanks again "Red" for helping me with this...

DJ Song of the Post: Whatever makes you feel like a rockstar

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nothing important

Hey everyone,

I really don't have a post in mind, but wanted to let you all know that I'm doing great!!! Health wise couldn't be better (well maybe I could be, but that not the point). 

I have been getting a lot weddings (that's a good thing) and also I have posted a listing on Craigslist (click here) for my business.

Nothing really else is going on just wanted to let you guys know that I have been thinking of you....Hope all is well with you guys...

Here it is I can't get this song out of my head

DJ song of the post                                   Flo rida-Whistle